Hola! I'm Marta

I'm very glad you're here :)

I'm originally from Barcelona, though have lived and worked in Sydney and Munich. I started my career in Customer Support at a Start-up. I took the job because someone recommended the company to me (it was a great one!), but the role itself didn't motivate me. I just did it because I was uncertain of which path I wanted to follow.

I remember the pressure I felt at the time. "Be mindful of the role you choose, that's going to determine the rest of your career", "Work hard or you won't get anywhere", "Everyone seems to have it figured out, what about you? What are you passionate about?", "It doesn't look like you care much about climbing up the ladder, you're just not ambitious enough". And the list of helpless comments went on.

When I moved to Sydney, I became passionate about health and wellbeing, and graduated as a Health Coach in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I did it out of personal interest, though that impacted my career later on. One of the most important learnings from that was that health isn't only achieved through a balanced diet and exercise. Health is holistic, and it's also determined by the job you do. Taking into account that we spend 1/3 of our lives working, the impact our professions have on our lives is significant.

My career in Support continued. Even though I knew I wasn't particularly excited about it, identifying what my profession should be was tough. As a consequence, I couldn't have an informed conversation with my manager about career growth, which was very hard. In the midst of that uncertainty and hopelessness, I met a great career Coach at work.

With only 4 coffee chats and some exercises, she helped me build a compass for myself, a tool that's guided me ever since when making career decisions. I was amazed by its simplicity and effectiveness. And that's when I realized the power of Coaching and helping others identify their potential. The impact of those structured, open, empowering conversations have played an incredible role in my personal and professional confidence. I want to give back that same experience to you.

As a result of that, I transitioned to working as a Program Manager combining it with Executive Coaching. I've coached many teams and helped them become more productive and collaborative at work. Understanding people's ambitions and goals, helping them build structured plans to achieve their projects and supporting them mitigating risks and blockers has given me the tools to help you on your journey.

With all my past experience, I commit to helping you on your career path. I will listen carefully and warmly, but I will also keep you accountable and motivated. I will be someone you can count on when feeling down, but I will also push you to overcome the challenges. Are you ready to take the next step in your career?