Career exploration and discovery

Having clarity on what you want to spend the rest of your life doing isn't easy to achieve. We’re constantly growing, evolving, changing and so does our context. Expecting to answer a life-time question and hit the target with a single, unique answer is possible, but a bit unrealistic. Truth is, careers are non-linear, and more often than not, we end up doing something unrelated to our studies, or change roles and industries several times throughout our lives. It is a natural pattern of career development and growth.

The problem arises when we face our careers without a clear focus, direction or target. When we let others guide our decisions, or we let fear block us from doing what we really want. Given that career change will inevitably happen, I want to give you the necessary tools to take control of your future.

Whether you’re at the very first stage of your professional life or stuck at a job that doesn’t give you joy, we will work together to better understand who you are and align your true nature and purpose to your profession.

The coaching process - how it works

We will have 6 encounters in which we will navigate your past and current situation, identify your values and beliefs , dive deep into your skills and strengths, and define a vision that you feel committed with and inspired to take action on.

Each encounter lasts 50 minutes and it can be done both in person (if you're in Munich) or online. We can hold the encounters in English or Spanish.

Here's a detailed view of the program, although we will remain flexible to your needs so that you make the most out of them.

Your story

Understand your journey and current situation

Strengths + Purpose

Identify your skills and align them to your purpose


Gain clarity on what you want to achieve


Navigate what's stopping you and how to address it

Action plan

Defining a step-by-step strategy to reach your goals

Follow up

Check-in on your progress and next steps